November 13, 2004 - Bro. Horner Williams "The Invisible Man"
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"Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter"
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter, Inc.
Founded October 13, 1926

  But Ruth replied, “Don’t urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Where you die I will die, and there I will be buried. May the Lord deal with me, be it ever so severely, if even death separates you and me.”
Ruth 1:16-17

Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter
PO Box 1885
Montclair, New Jersey 07042


The 123rd House of Alpha
Founded: Wednesday, October 13, 1926

Bro. Horner Williams

Immediate Past President
Bro. Mark Smith

Bro. Alvin Bell

Corresponding & Recording Secretary
Bro. Keith Green

Financial Secretary
Bro. Fred Davis

Bro. Fred Davis

Bro. Jesse Branson

Sergeant at Arms
Bro. Greg Jackson

Bro. Brian Agnew

Bro. Mark Hassell

Associate Editor of the Sphinx
Bro. Derricke Dennis

Director of Membership Intake
Bro. Paul Murdock

Director of Educational Activities
Bro. Victor Ashiara

Alumni Advisor to Iota Rho Chapter
Bro. Anthony Mack

Twenty years after the founding of our dear Fraternity, the Brothers in the State of New Jersey experienced a need to establish a local chapter to sustain them in their efforts to address what has been called the problem of the 20th Century – the problem of the color line; while pursuing, ambitiously their professional careers.

Therefore on a fall Wednesday evening, October 13, 1926, in the home of Brother Dr. Clarence S. Janifer, Sr., at 208 Parker Street, Newark, New Jersey; Bro. Peyton Anderson, Eastern Regional Vice President with Bro. James Fladger and Bro. Leslie Thompson of Eta Chapter (Columbia University) along with the following Brothers met to form a New Jersey chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Thirteen alumni Brothers made application for charter. Ultimately, fourteen were recognized as charter members.:

  • Dr. Walter G. Alexander
  • William M. Ashby
  • Richard B. Carter
  • Ernest Clarkson
  • John Douglas
  • John E. Hayes
  • E. Gaylord Howell
  • Dr. Clarence S. Janifer
  • Dudley A. Johnson
  • J. C. McKelvie
  • James O. Randolph
  • Frank F. Thompson
  • Dr. Arthur C. Thornhill
  • Ferdinand D. Williams
On October 13, 1926, a charter was granted and the formation of Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter was authorized.
  The History of Alpha Phi Alpha, page 161, 2000 edition

Bro. Dr. Clarence S. Janifer and Bro. Frank F. Thompson were members of the third Alpha chapter initiation on the Cornell campus; along with Bro. Danial W. Edmonds.

Alpha Chapter, Ithaca, New York
The Third Initiation Class
April 11, 1908
Danial W. Edmonds
Clarence Sumner Jannifer
Frank F. Thompson

This brief history was selected from decades of Chapter minutes, The Sphinx, The Press and ‘New Jersey History’. Early on our Brothers were role models. They overcame severe challenges when the scope of occupational opportunity was blocked from African-Americans in the early 20th Century. Only through courage and persistence did Alpha Alpha Lambda Brothers offer inspiration to those who followed. The Brothers strove and continue to strive to overcome scorn, hostility, and the hurdles of social discrimination to document their attainments.


The following are some, but by no means all, of the activities of Alpha Alpha Lambda Brothers over the past 80 years. Brothers of Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter have always taken the lead in many activities in the State of New Jersey. Alpha Alpha Lambda Brothers have shown the way in many disciplines as they dealt successfully with the challenges of the past and even today...
First of All

Brother Harry Hazelwood - Newark City Magistrate (1954)

Brother Ramon S. Scruggs
– Public Relations Manager, AT&T

Brother Verner V. Henry

First African-American President of Newark Board of Education (1963)

Brother Dr. Josephus C. Carr
– Admitted as the First African-American Physician at Newark Beth Israel Hospital. Also, the first African-American Surgeon to perform surgery in St. Barnabas, Clara Mass and Presbyterian Hospitals. Founder/President of City National Bank.

Brother Raymond D. M. Hicks
– First African-American nominated for the prestigious Bobs I Award – Warner-Chilcott. First African-American to be promoted to Division Sales Manager with Warner-Chilcott.

Servants of All

Brother Lester G. Granger
Past Executive Director of the National Urban League for 20 years

Brother James E. Abrams
Elected Judge of the Surrogate’s Court of Essex County (1964)

Brother E. Frederic Morrow

Former Administrative Assistant to President Dwight D. Eisenhower (1960s)

Brother Simeon F. Moss
Special Assistant to the Commissioner of Labor and Industry for New Jersey and later Superintendent of Schools for Essex County

Brother Richard S. Cooke
Fellowship Teacher of the Deaf at Gallaudet College

Brother William Glover
Vice President for Administration of New Jersey Institute of Technology (1980s)
Brother Jim Dave Wilson
– Moderator, Newark Presbytery

We Shall Transcend All

Brother Dr. Robert E. Fullilove
Urologist and former President Essex County Medical Association (1965)

Brother Dr. Walter G. Alexander

New Jersey State Legislature Assemblyman from 1920-23; acted as Speaker of the Assembly. Brother Alexander’s bills banned discrimination in all public accommodations, which weakened the Klu Klux Klan; and permitted Judges to appoint women as probation officers

Brother Dr. Ferdinand D. Williams

Organized Delta Mu Lambda Chapter

Brother Hugh R. Hill
Former Deputy Director, Newark Housing Authority

Brother Leo B. Marsh
Former National YMCA Executive

Brother Harry B. Webber
 Received the Lorraine Hansberry Lecture Series Honor to the New Jersey African-American Journalist (1980)

Brother Dr. Joseph Darden, Jr.
Appointed Chairman of the Department of Health and Recreation, Kean College and was named University Teacher of the Year (1990)

We have only cited a few of the Brothers of Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter but rest assured that men of this chapter are still on the cutting edge in various fields and endeavors.

Past and Present Chapter Presidents
  1. Ferdinand D. Williams
  2. Calvin Willette
  3. Charles Harris
  4. Thomas Flagg
  5. Jerry L. Martin
  6. Woodrow Davis
  7. Marion B. Frederick
  8. Carlisle S. Parker, Sr.
  9. Jim Dave Wilson
  10. Raymond Hicks
  11. Marvin McCurtis
  12. Claude Perry
  13. Marvin McCurtis
  14. Carlisle S. Parker, Sr.
  15. Jeff Ormond
  16. George B. Hopkins
  17. Paul A. Murdock
  18. Jesse Branson, Sr.
  19. Mark Hassell
  20. Pierre Oscar
  21. Mark Smith
  22. Horner Williams

State and Regional Contributions

Brother Jim Dave Wilson
State Director, Northern New Jersey District
12 years – Eastern Region Education Foundation; Developed the Oratorical Contest – recommended contest to be named the Belford V. Lawson Oratorical Contest; Primary writer, New Jersey State Constitution

Brother Carlisle S. Parker, Sr.
Brother of the Year
New Jersey
State President
District Director