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"Go to High School - Go to College"
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

Alpha East Award Winners
Alpha East, Founded 1932

Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6



NJ Association of Alpha Phi Alpha Chapters' Fundraiser

Shabazz House | Eagle Academy Newark

Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark, NJ has opened its doors in Fall 2012. Developed at the invitation of Mayor Cory Booker, this Eagle Academy will serve one incoming class at the 6th grade and populating an additional school year each passing year, until it reaches the 12th grade. Like the other Eagle Academies, this campus will serve at-risk inner city young men and offer a full spectrum of extended day and Saturday programs to engage students as well their families. The Eagle Academy Foundation is excited to expand its successful model to help Newark young men and their families to achieve academic and social success.
Eagle Newark
66 Muhammad Ali Avenue
Newark, NJ 07108
85 Students
Grades 6-8
Principal: Vaughn Thompson


CLICK TO VIEW -- a list of from RUTGERS UNIVERSITY highlighting diversity programs which may help you advance your academic career.

a program by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (
NAACP), is an acronym that stands for Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics.It is a student enrichment program that culminates in a local and national competition where students compete for awards, and prizes totaling over $50,000.


Bro. Jesse Branson, Sr., Local Chair

During the Leadership Development Institute,
Alpha Ambassadors serve as representatives of their schools, communities, and homes.  These young men are selected and sponsored by an array of civic organizations, mentor programs, and school districts.  During and prior to the LDI
these young envoys demonstrate maturity, character, scholarship and service; all of the fundamental qualities required for leadership.  At LDI, members of Alpha Phi
Alpha Fraternity, Inc., workshop facilitators, and chaperons nurture the leadership and personal growth potential of each ambassador.  Ambassadors are provided
leadership opportunities beyond LDI and become messengers of hope and pride who are able to make a difference in their home school and communities.  

Be a young man who possesses a cumulative grade
point average of at least 2.5

Be a rising 10th, 11th, or 12th grader

Be actively involved in the community

Have a committed interest in participating in
personal development

Possess a high moral and ethical character

Demonstrate self respect and respect for others

Be willing to challenge his own social, interpersonal,
and creative skills

Experience our mission coming to life right before your eyes!
Sponsor a Student -- Donation: $350
Benefit: An experience which last a lifetime!


Click to Download Curriculum Guide Here
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In addition to the curriculum guide presented here, Alpha Chapters from around the region have developed programs in support of scholarship and higher education. Here are a few Go to High School - Go to College programs which have proven successful, each for more than 10 years in their respective communities.

Look to partner with local community colleges and universities during school fairs, provide SAT PREP classes, introduce students to new careers --- the possibilities for the
Go to High School - Go to College program are endless.

Kappa Phi Lambda, Columbia, MD

Mentoring & Leadership Equals Success (M.A.L.E.S.)
Theta Psi Lambda, Somerset, NJ

Zeta Lambda Education Foundation
Newport News, VA

Beautillion Scholarship Program
Delta Lambda Chapter, Baltimore, MD

Navigating the college application process
Researching college options, college costs and financial aid
Communicating with college admissions officers
Planning successful campus visits
Learning about campus life

Questions - Comments - Suggestions?
Bro. Horner Williams, Alpha East Coordinator
Go to High School - Go to College

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Paying for College - Download Student Resource Guide
Download Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Since 1963, A Better Chance has been opening the door to educational opportunities for thousands of young people of color in this nation. Private high school and college assistance is provided.

The Go to High School - Go to College program established in 1922, concentrates on the importance of completing secondary and collegiate education as a road to advancement. Present research places great value in postsecondary education. School completion heavily impacts the success of young African-American men and is the single best predictor of future economic success. Through the Go-To-High School, Go-To-College educational initiative, young men receive information and learn strategies that facilitate success. Alpha men provide youth participants with excellent role models to emulate.

During the 9th Alpha Phi Alpha General Convention, held at Virginia Union University in 1916, General President H.H. Long emphasized the need for the fraternity to stress the importance of education. By 1920, the Fraternity had ignited a commission that consisted of five Alumni Brothers who, in turn, launched a movement toward influencing African-Americans around the country to “go to high school and to college.” This was the active beginning of the “Go-To-High School, Go-To-College” movement.

The purpose of this initiative was to touch as many high schools and communities as possible by personal contact or through the distribution of educational pamphlets. With Brother Roscoe C. Giles at the reigns, the commission directed that the first week in June 1920 be set aside for all chapters to implement the "Go-To-High School, Go-To-College" educational campaign. In 1989, under the guidance of Brother LeRoy Lowery III, the “Go-To-High School, Go-To-College” movement was formally restructured. At the 83rd General Convention in San Antonio, Texas, “Go-To-High School, Go-To-College” was formally voted a National Program of the Fraternity and became mandatory for each chapter to implement.

It was suggested by Brother Lowery that the participants of the "Go-To-High School, Go-To-College" program be male African-American 7th to 12th graders. In addition, the suggested activities of the program were African and African-American history, field trips, entrepreneurship, athletic activities, tutoring, practical life lessons, community service projects, financial affairs, current events, proper student work habits, workplace visits, career orientation, health and hygiene, goal setting and brotherhood.