November 13, 2004 - Bro. Horner Williams "The Invisible Man"
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"Membership Handbook"
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter, Inc.
Founded October 13, 1926

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.

2 Timothy 2:15

Presidential Wisdom

“My vision for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. is to continue the evolution of our organization in a progressive direction for its greater usefulness.  To stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of each brother through professional, personal, and purposeful engagement while concurrently committing to a sound fiscal infrastructure that strengthens the fraternity’s financial position and corporate relations nationally and internationally.  I am committed to continuously provide a higher level of value to our constituents and the communities in which we serve that maintain the fraternity’s rightful place as a twenty-first century change agent; guided by our purpose and our mission.”
Bro. Mark S. Tillman, 34th General President
Bro. Tillman addresses hazing /ghosts in 1999

Bro. Darryl Matthews, Sr.
Platform Issues

Our great organization was founded nearly one hundred years ago from the seeds of social and economic unrest and inequality. Forged together by seven distinct individuals committed to the principles of leadership, scholarship, and service. All who have followed have taken this charge to impact our communities.

As we approach our centennial anniversary let us rededicate ourselves to those guiding principles. Brothers, we must re-cast ourselves in this timeless mold, preparing ourselves to address the problems and issues of the present and future. We must pay homage to our past, while maintaining our relevance and importance. We must LIVE that great ALPHA LEGACY!

“We must run our business – the business of Alpha – the business of brotherhood, with principles of good management, fiscal responsibility, shareholder respect, brotherly service, and vision” 

“As the world becomes less kind, we must continue to be that beacon for those in the storm of life. We must continue to enhance our service agenda and promote love for all mankind.”

Martin Luther King Memorial Project:  A project of this magnitude requires the ingenuity to create the influence to inspire partnerships, the temerity to demand action, and the passion of faith and belief.”

“The ravages of disease have taken a heavy toll on our people. Various epidemics and different forms of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and HIV plague our people here and throughout the world. It is only through creating access to quality care and fostering awareness that we can combat these problems.”

“The future is now. The future of this organization, the future of our people walks among us and across most college campuses. We must invest in the development of our college brothers, to prepare them for the challenge they will face in this world.”

“We can not expect others to fund our existence. We must be economically self-sufficient. We must be proactive in finding future revenue sources and growing our endowments to fund our initiatives.”
Darryl R. Matthews, Sr., 32 General President

Alpha Phi Alpha cannot be thought of as a club.  We are a legally recognized organization incorporated under applicable laws.  We have affiliate entities that are formed for the benefit of growing and protecting our assets so that we can better serve our members and our communities.  Safeguarding our corporate identity, brand, structure, and affiliations are paramount.  We will remain strategic, transparent, and compliant in our financial planning and spending as we ask members, companies, and other organizations to invest their financial resources.  In addition, there will be investments in the General Office of the fraternity so that our staff resources can focus on providing efficient world-class support.”
Bro. Mark S. Tillman, 34th General President

“The life of an Alpha man should be full and diverse. We must endeavor to intertwine and create harmony between our fraternal, professional, and personal lives.”
Darryl R. Matthews, Sr., 32 General President

“As men, we are confronted with many transitions in our lives that shape our values.  Our perspectives change from when we enter college, through our first job and career goals, family obligations, health concerns, and in our retirement years.  At every stage, we must continue to invest in our brothers and show that Alpha Phi Alpha can be balanced in one’s life.  College days do indeed swiftly pass and we will continue to encourage our membership to stay connected to their brotherly associations that are formed at initiation.”
Bro. Mark S. Tillman, 34th General President

“Alpha Phi Alpha will always continue to advocate and serve when called upon.  Our communities need us! Our children need us! Also we need to rely on each other!  It’s our duty to demonstrate our relevance if we expect to retain the same level of interest from our supporters, our partners, our communities, and ourselves.  We must combat the external forces that continue to question and challenge our existence.  Whatever confronts us, we must remain a visible, viable, and socially responsible leader to our stakeholders as we exercise the collective and stabilized strength of our membership.”  
Bro. Mark S. Tillman, 34th General President

The Essence of an Alpha Man
When you can achieve and not make achievements your goal,
When you can accept praise but remain mindful of your failings, too,
When you can strive to make the dream a reality by deeds and not hollow words,
When you can give of yourself freely and cheerfully and not grudgingly nor of necessity,
When servants of all is a privilege and not a task,
When “transcending all” means “first of all”, transcending self, and realizing that I
First help my brother to transcend, if I am to transcend.
When you can do not only a good thing but also the right thing.
When you can extend a helping hand to friend or foe alike and expect nothing in return,
And never remind them of the deed,
When you can cherish and respect the past but neither live in it nor rest upon it.
When you can dare to choose the road less traveled, and lead the pack and not run with the herd.
When our courage of character will not allow us to remain silent in the face of injustice to anyone.
When the love of our mothers and the strength of our fathers hold us and guide us to our true calling.
When you can light candles rather than curse the darkness.
When you can view obstacles as challenges.
When your only weapon against lies shall be an uncompromising truth.
This is the essence of an Alpha man.
Adrian L. Wallace
30th General President