November 13, 2004 - Bro. Horner Williams "The Invisible Man"
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"My Journey"

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Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Psalm 133:1


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 Time, Treasure and Talent

First of all, thank you for visiting!

The Jersey Shore has been my home since birth. My father is also named Horner. He is from Red Bank, NJ by way of North Carolina; my mother from the town next door, Fair Haven. They met during the high school years. My mother graduated from New Jersey State Teachers College at Newark, today known as Kean University. My father earned a Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA. I was born and currently live in Red Bank, NJ. Red Bank is also home to three related Alpha men named Dr. James Parker. They so inspired the Red Bank community, a main street and medical clinic are named in their honor.

Before college, I lived and attended K-12 in Fair Haven, along with my older sister. My mother was a school teacher in Fair Haven but worked in the family jewelry store after marriage. We worked regularly after school and every Saturday. 
We attended church every Sunday. We lived in a comfortable home right next door to my grandmother. In my household you were never given a dollar, you were expected to earn a dollar. I took care of the books at the store and worked at the jewelry bench before going to college.

As an undergraduate student at Tufts University near Boston, I didn't have the time, treasure or talent needed to be a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Because of my respect for Bro. Dr. Oscar Harrell (Gamma, 1960) Director of the Tufts African-American House, other fraternities didn't interest me. Working a 20 hour per week job as a full time college student every year, the time, treasure and talent basically went for went for food, rent, books and travel back home. A direct flight from Boston to Newark was just $25 on People Express Airlines; you could even find a flight on Trump Airlines for a song. Minimum wage was just $3.35 an hour in 1983. Another 7 hours or so was spent traveling to and from the job each week. It certainly wasn't a lot of money looking back, but any extra work hours were actually appreciated! Late night campus radio and private DJ work provided another $100/week because it fit into the schedule after work and served to make up for time off campus. I was lucky to meet my future wife at Tufts in 1985 and we've been married over  25 years now. And, talent took me across the graduation stage in 1987, in just four years. Unfortunately, my mother passed away at 54 in September of my senior year after a 30 year battle with heart disease.

After working a couple years, the Rutgers University MBA program accepted me. As fate would have it,  I roomed with a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. on the Newark, NJ campus, Brother Negorie Jones (Gamma Pi, 1988). Another graduation and marriage followed in 1992. The adult foundation my personal and professional life were  formed.

Application requests were submitted to the National Office as early as 1994, and about every 2 years thereafter. But, I wasn't ready. Driven by a desire to witness the Centennial celebration and recognizing the need to start the process a few years ahead of the 100 Year Anniversary; nearly 20 years after finishing college, I finally had the time, treasure and talent to apply for membership in 2004.

Since joining the Fraternity on November 13, 2004; I have enjoyed the fellowship of men of distinction everyday. As a life member since 2010, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. increases the value of my time, treasure and talent everyday.

Alpha For Life,

Horner Williams

Alpha Alpha Lambda Chapter, Inc.
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
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